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This Sunday we reach the middle of our second term. In term 1 we reminded ourselves that we should Tell, because God is big. This term we want to Ask, because God is able. We’ve spent 6 weeks looking at this truth in 1&2 Kings as we examined the ministry of Elijah.  Along the way our guide has been James 5:17, “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours…”. The power in Elijah’s prayer was not in himself – but in the more-than-able God that he prayed to. I hope you’ve been encouraged as we think about who it is that we are praying to – the same more-than-able God who did such marvellous things in answer to Elijah’s prayer.

For the next 6 weeks we’ll turn to look in more detail at what the Bible says about praying. We’ll take a short survey of different New Testament passages, each with it’s own encouragement for our prayer life.

Alongside this, on Sunday, we’ll be inviting you to join with us in “1, 2, 3 … PRAY!” – it’s a simple habit that we’re encouraging everyone to pursue to get us all praying! We’ll ask you to every day:

  1. Read the Bible for just one minute and then simply pray about something that you learned. Our prayers should flow from the Bible so let’s try and practice it!
  2. Pray about two days; yesterday and today. Give thanks to God for one thing from yesterday and pray about one thing that will happen today.
  3. Finally, pray for three people you know to be transformed by the hope of the risen Christ. It might be a family member you’re concerned about or simply thankful for. It could be another Christian from your Growth Group who has shared a request with you. It might be someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus. Just three people out of the multitude that we interact with every day.

And that’s it! Nice and easy. 1, 2, 3 … PRAY!

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday as we help one another to Ask our more-than-able God.

David Ould
Senior Associate Minister