As St John’s has a special place in Parramatta and in the lives of many people, we receive many requests for weddings. At the current time we are only able to accommodate weddings for regular attendees.

There are many historic churches around Parramatta. You may wish to contact All Saints, North Parramatta, regarding your wedding ceremony.

God has promised forgiveness of sins. That forgiveness is symbolised by the water of baptism, representing cleansing or washing.

Baptism is a symbol of what God commits to do for those who commit their lives to follow Jesus. Therefore baptism involves two promises – the promise of God and the promise of the person who is baptised. At baptism we have both the promise of God to forgive and the promise of the person being baptised to trust and follow Jesus. Baptism is a wonderful privilege that we have from God.

We currently hold infant and adult baptisms, as well as confirmations, for our regular attendees on one Sunday in November each year. This is a large combined service for our congregations (over 700 people) to celebrate the transforming power of Jesus in the lives of those being baptised and confirmed.

If you would like to discuss baptism or confirmation, please join us one Sunday and speak to a Pastor.