At St John's, we are driven by a common purpose - to see our city transformed by the hope of the risen Christ. We believe that in order for genuine transformation to occur, people need to forge meaningful connections and grow together as committed disciples. That's why we are proud to be a church of Growth Groups, not merely a church with Growth Groups.

What does it mean to be a church of Growth Groups? It means that we genuinely care for one another on a personal level, regardless of the circumstances we face. Whether it's celebrating the joys of life or navigating through the challenging moments, we are there for one another, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Our Growth Groups form an integral part of our church community. They meet on a weekly basis during the school term, providing an opportunity to delve into discussions about life, the teachings of Jesus, and how they intersect. Together, we engage in Bible study, deepening our understanding and sharpening our faith. We uplift and support one another through prayer, encouragement, and collective acts of service.

What sets our Growth Groups apart is their diversity. They span across various areas, including Parramatta, Hills, and Cumberland, offering flexible meeting times throughout the week. For our youth, we have age-appropriate groups that meet after Engage on Sunday mornings.

If you are new to St. John's, we warmly invite you to embark on a transformative journey through our Explore course. It serves as a stepping stone, leading you into the heart of our Growth Groups, where you can experience genuine community and spiritual growth.