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Christians do not need to live in fear! Why? Because God has raised Jesus from the dead to rule the earth and bring God’s children into an eternal inheritance and a new creation. The Bible was written so that we can put our trust in Jesus who brings us from this creation, which has been corrupted, to the new creation, which is incorruptible and eternal. However, we share in the pain and the weakness of this creation, just as Jesus our saviour shared in our pain and even death.

Many of us have felt our frailty in a new way faced with the first real pandemic in a century. That is natural. But, trusting Jesus, we can also embrace the opportunities that God has prepared for us. It is our place to discern the season, to understand what God is doing and to look for the opportunities that he will lay before us to grow his kingdom and glorify the name of his Son. Without doubt, our world is headed into some very difficult territory. But for us, confident in God’s sovereign hand in all our circumstances, these are exciting times, filled with opportunities for a radical obedience to Christ and love for one another and for others. The testing of our faith produces perseverance. There will be opportunities to help those who are shut in, to show mercy and care for the sick and to ensure that we truly look after one another, for Jesus said, ‘All people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’ Perhaps this is the season to see our city further transformed by the hope of the Risen Christ that it so desperately needs.

Please join with your brothers and sisters at St. John’s using the links above, and pray for the day that we will be able to meet freely, face to face, once more. And if you are exploring church, or Christian Faith, please listen in and join us.