What are we about?

The starting point has to be Jesus. He is the only reason for our church. He is the source of our life and the head of our community. Our purpose is to grow disciples of Jesus who will glorify God by their love and service and engage Parramatta and the world with the message of Jesus’ resurrection.

If you would like to know more about Jesus, we would love you to join us at Explore. Explore gives you time and space to consider the big questions of life and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ.

The heart of Parramatta

We are a community for the people of Parramatta, as well as many who live beyond. At the heart of the city, we gather each week to grow disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God as we engage with the people who live in and come to Parramatta — to see this city transformed by the hope of the risen Christ.

A community of all ages

Each congregation has members from a wide range of ages: from toddlers through to retirees. Children have their own Kids’ Church and when they reach high school they graduate into Engage – a Sunday morning congregation and fellowship just for youth.

A community of many languages

Parramatta is a city of many languages and cultures — and so is St John’s. We have ten congregations that meet in four languages: English, Persian (Farsi), Mandarin and Cantonese. Within our English congregations we have many more languages spoken amongst members.

Sunday gatherings

Each of our Sunday meetings has its own unique style and flavour, from the traditional Anglican 8:00am congregation to the contemporary 5:00pm congregation.

We would love to welcome you

We recently moved to Parramatta to begin a new stage of our life, so we were both excited and anxious about it. In God’s grace, the warm and welcoming atmosphere at St John’s, along with its sound doctrine, made us feel welcome not just to God’s family, but also made us feel part of the local community as well.

Luke & Cherry