Youth Ministry


At Engage we want to help our youth engage with one another as they engage with God in His word and on his terms. We want youth from all backgrounds to come and meet Jesus.Engage

 We want our youth to Grow in their likeness of Jesus as they pray and as they study the Bible. We want to help them identify and develop the gifts that God has given them for the benefit of God’s people.

 We want our youth to Glorify God by their love and service as they meet together at the Engage service and in the Engage groups. We want to develop a culture where the youth will leave no one unloved.

 We want our youth to Engage with their friends and other youth around them as they point them to Jesus. We want to raise young leaders and workers among them who will bring the gospel of Jesus to local schools and beyond.

 If you’re in Year 6 through to Year 12, you are very welcome to join Engage. On most Sundays, we begin with the Engage service, followed by refreshments then discussion groups. Beginning at 9.30am during school terms, ask at the Welcome Desk for directions.

 For more information, email us at