Get ready for Sunday livestreaming. Even from your garden!

We're livestreaming on Sunday. Spread the word! will be running soon!

Posted by St John's Anglican Cathedral Parramatta on Thursday, 19 March 2020

Dear St John’s church and wider family,

Our livestream plans are now well in place and I want to let you know how you can join us on Sunday morning at 10am!

We will be livestreaming in one of two places.

1. On our facebook page. This is our preferred option for you if you are a facebook user. You will be able to interact with us, leaving comments and more! We’re looking forward to hearing from you on the day.

2. On a livestream page on our website. The page is already set up and you can see a video of me currently in the location at the top of the page where the livestream video will be.

We know you have some questions:

What if I don’t use facebook?
That’s ok! The facebook live video will be embedded into the livestream page on our website and you can watch it there, whether you’re a user of facebook or not.

What if I don’t have the internet / can’t work it all out?
If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t have internet access beyond simple access to email then please let us know. We’re getting together a team of people to help you. You’ll also be interested in the answer to the next question…

What if I miss the livestream?
No problem! Although it would be great to join us live (and we want to encourage that), you’ll be able to watch the video afterwards – either on our facebook page or on our regular updates page on the website.

Any more questions? Just ask.

One (Almost) Last Thing – Giving
If you’re a regular giver to St John’s then can I gently encourage you to make sure that you continue to give (as long as your circumstances allow for it). We’re still having to meet all the expenses that you so generously help us meet.

For those who have been giving physically during the meetings, perhaps it’s time to consider switching to EFT, even if just for this changed season?

Maybe it’s even time for some to begin giving regularly. We would really appreciate your gifts at this time as we work hard to adapt to the changing situation.

You can find all the details on our Give page.

Not sure how to set up EFT? Chat to your bank.

Thank You!

Thank you all once again for your prayers and messages of support to the whole team here at St John’s. It’s been a massive week for us and it’s so encouraging to hear from you and know we are in your prayers.

Our priority this week has been to make sure Sunday is as good as it possibly can be, but we’ve also started the work of contacting those who might need extra assistance, helping our Growth Groups get online, making plans for other regular meetings and so.

We’re excited about what God is doing amongst our church family at this time and looking forward to sharing with you this coming Sunday! See you at 10am!

in the transforming hope of the risen Christ!