Cathedral Conversations are back!

Join us in person and online as we ask one of the most pressing questions to come out of the 2019 Federal Election – Is there a Future for Christians in Labor?

The run-up to the 2019 Federal Election saw public conversations over the place of religious expression in civic society with many Christians feeling that the Labor Party were increasingly failing to represent them properly. Election results in Western Sydney saw what many considered to be an expression of that feeling at the ballot box. The Labor Party commissioned an internal report on that election loss, focussing on the response of religious voters, which concluded,

Labor as a whole did not project an image that was appealing to devout Christians.


We’re partnering with Christians for Labor to ask the question, “Is there a Future for Christians in Labor?

Special Guest: Senator Deborah O’Neill, Deputy co-chair of the ALP National Policy Forum.

TICKETS ARE FREE BUT LIMITED. If you cannot get a ticket then watch our livestream of the event!