It’s wonderful that, as we come out of lock down, we come into Christmas. It is a glorious reminder of God’s wonderful purposes for his world, and for his people, a purpose that defies sickness, sin and death itself.

This Sunday we will commence an advent series of sermons around the theme of ‘Jesus for the World’. It is a reminder that Jesus’ advent, his coming to the world, is the fulfillment of God’s purposes for all people from every nation. This purpose was made clear from the very beginning in the Old Testament. God chose Abraham from among the Gentiles in order to be a blessing to the Gentiles. He drew Israel out of the nations in order to bring salvation to the nations. That salvation was won for the nations through the finished work of Jesus, who came in the flesh from God, to die in the flesh and be raised as a man to bring us to God. And God’s purpose, foreshadowed in the Old Testament, is brought to its full expression in the mission to the Gentiles described for us in the Book of Acts.

Of course, that mission continues today. It was never complete, and indeed it will not be complete until, ‘the full number of the Gentiles have been brought in’ (Romans 11:25). At St. John’s we give this expression in our vision: To see our city transformed by the hope of the Risen Christ. This is the reason bring our friends to church and to Explore. It is a fundamental purpose of God’s Church as we bring Glory to God, and we declare together the praises of his grace. And, of course, this is the reason we support and send out missionaries to all the earth. 10% of your giving goes to support mission in the world.

So, as we consider God’s purposes for all the earth and all peoples this Advent, we will be focussing each week on one missionary that we, and that you, support here at St. John’s, by your giving and your prayers. This is why Christ came into the world, to save sinners from every nation, tribe, and language. Glory be to our God in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bruce Morrison / Senior Minister
St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Parramatta

PRAY: Give thanks that God’s purposes for his world includes people from every nation. Pray that God would give us a heart to engage with our community and the world, sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Join us this Sunday for our online Sunday service. We meet at 10am each Sunday on YouTube right through lockdown. Or check out out Sunday services page for more information on our face-to-face services.