CCTV cameras for our city centre green space in Parramatta


was Proudly Funded by the NSW Government
in association with St John’s Cathedral Parramatta

The parish has for a number of years felt the need to install CCTV cameras in the church grounds. During 2019 we became aware of an opportunity to apply for NSW government funds through their “My Community Project” program. This particular program provides funding for a wide variety of projects that are nominated and supported by the community with successful applications being determined by a public vote.

Our project, CCTV cameras for our city centre green space in Parramatta was nominated by Jess (a member of our Chinese congregation), sponsored by our Parish Council and supported by the community gaining first place in the public vote for this electorate. We aimed to improve safety for church members and the wider community who inhabit our area. Many people pass through our grounds daily and many stop to enjoy a green space in the middle of the city of Parramatta but safety, particularly at night is always a concern.

Multiple cameras that provide coverage of the grounds 24hours a day act as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour and provide a record of activity that can be given to the Police.

We wish to thank our membership and the wider community for taking the time to vote and we thank the NSW government for their $20,000 financial support.