What are we about?

The starting point has to be Jesus. He is the only reason for our church. He is the source of our life and the head of our community. Our purpose is to grow disciples of Jesus who will glorify God by their love and service and engage Parramatta and the world with the message of Jesus’ resurrection.


Vision and Mission - Final


St. John’s Cathedral situated in the very heart of Parramatta. We are a community for the people of Parramatta as well as many who live beyond. As Parramatta is a city of many languages and cultures so is St. John’s. We have 9 congregations that meet in four different languages: English, Persian (Farsi), Mandarin and Cantonese. A new generation of English speaking disciples is growing from these mixed ethnic backgrounds. They are quickly taking up roles of service and leadership.

We believe disciples are made from age zero! Children have their own Kid’s Church. When they reach high school they graduate into Engage – a Sunday morning congregation and fellowship just for youth. At the end of high school these young adults graduate into one of our English speaking congregations and enjoy the support of a tertiary age or young workers group.

Each of our Sunday meetings have their own unique style and flavour, from the traditional Anglican 8am congregation to the contemporary 7pm Church on Church. Have a look on the Sunday Meetings tab to find out more.

We would love to welcome you. Please join us and collect a Welcome to St. John’s Brochure on the way in.

Parking: If you are a first time visitor on Sunday mornings you are welcome to park in the church. Our regular members are asked to park around Parramatta on Sunday mornings. Parking meters are switched off on Sundays so early birds won’t have any difficulty. Others use one of the parking stations. (Please see the contact tab for more information.) On Sunday evenings you’ll find parking around the church.

Bruce Morrison